I am Vera Hegedus-Gaspar, and I am passionate about what I do.

I am a mother of three. I am from a small town in Europe, spent my teenage years in a large city and now I am at the other end of the world, the perfect New Zealand. I’ve been a punk, a scientist, a teacher, an artist, a musician. I have a synesthetic and analytic mind with the full power of feminine emotions.  Because of my colorful background I became passionate about people, understanding what we all share and how we are all unique. My photographs are each designed to use visual language to talk about you as I feel devoted to understand you.

To be able to do this I, as a photographer join you in your moment. What’s important to you is important to me, whomever you admire and you’re proud of, whatever you enjoy and share… I’ll do that too as I am holding the camera.You cease being my client and you become my model.

This is how a photography session becomes a ceremony of love. “I never had fun while having my pictures taken!” – says my model. While in front of my camera we all focus on what’s important for you, we all devote time and empathy to experience the richest emotions of your life. Photography looses its view as an industry and becomes a way to celebrate you as a person.

Weather you want to make your love eternal towards another person, the city, your family, your hobby, your art or your animal friend, I would love to help you! My Me+Christchurch project explored the range of emotions people feel about our ever changing city. If you feel close to this place, we can create a photobook for your to capture your Christchurch. I photographed dancers exploring concepts and each other’s personalities. I photographed children and babies with their overwhelming awe toward the world and each other. I photographed artwork for the artist’s own use. I photographed families, people in love. Check vera.nz for most of my work as an artist. I am fascinated by what life is offering me to talk about through images.

My photography is integral part of my art, my photos have stories to tell, they talk about love in a visual language that speaks to the heart instead of the ears. For this reason, I offer you photos to choose from as works of art and you’ll only see the ones I am happy to represent my work. You are guaranteed to have excellent photos even if you feel unsure about what makes a photo great.

Browse among my commission work here and my art projects and get in touch if you have any questions or want to make a booking!