I am Vera Hegedus-Gaspar, a photographer for 15 years. I see photography as an art and my models are my muses and inspiration to talk about all the love on Earth.

Here is how to get in touch with me:

my email: askme@vera.nz

or on my phone number: 027 782-1329 (please txt if I don’t pick up as there’s no voicemail service).


What’s my philosophy?

I enjoy taking pictures of the love that people feel towards each other, their family, pets, places or hobbies. Alongside my independent art projects (like Me+Christchurch that focused on the love people feel about our city, or ZeroGravity that focused on the love movement artists felt for contemporary dance) I also enjoy photographing what my models want to see. For me, wedding photography, family photography, pet photography and city photography are a form of art and this is how I approach all photography sessions.

Indeed, my photography sessions stop being sessions. Instead, they become a celebration of the love that you feel. We all gather together to talk, show and immerse ourselves in what you feel so that I understand it fully and translate it to the shapes and colors, the lights and shadows of a photograph.


How do I work?

I feel that, as a photo artist, I can offer something that seems to be lost now that all devices are capable of taking high resolution images. Today, we can be sure that, whatever the occasion or subject, it is going to get documented. The guests at a wedding, the family and friends will keep on clicking away and there won’t be a second of our lives missed. And we have almost forgot that less is more. What you want from me is a piece of art that reflects your love through the photographs. For this reason, I offer a limited number of exquisite photos, each of which will be a timeless piece that takes you back in time to the most important moments of your life.

I am an organised person. I love to have at least one meeting before a photo session and several before a wedding. I feel that, as an art photographer, it is my role to help make the day run smoothly visually as well as emotionally and I like to offer my skill and experience and take integral part in arranging the day. I like being involved as early as possible and give you extra safety to make you feel relaxed and be excited about your very important moment. On our meetings, we’ll talk a lot about who you are as individuals and a couple, what you like about yourself, what’s important to you in your life, and about lots of practical things. You’ll also get to know and trust me which is essential when you ask an artist to create something for you.

To be able to reflect your personality the best, I love to have a complimentary pre-wedding photoshoot with my couples. This is great, because we can get to know each other’s style, I can show you all tricks and tips how to make the day effortlessly photogenic for everyone and also gives me a chance to do careful visual preparation considering the angles of your face and the beauty of your body. You can also use these pre-wedding photos for invitations or to make your reception even more special.

I work with Viktor Boros as a second photographer for weddings to be able to capture the key moments from the best angles. I work with Viktor because I love the eye he has for delicate moments between people and the lovely compositions that flow so effortlessly from his photographs.

I have extensive experience in post-editing that include the techniques used in latest fashion photography and also unique technical processes that I invented and you won’t find anywhere else. I feel the post-editing skill shows in the fact that you can’t tell anything has been done on the photo at all. After that there is an enormous range of cool and classy unique filters that will tell anyone that a certain photo is yours.

Finally, I offer a range of first-class products to present your photos. These are all “infinite resolution” photo prints that last a lifetime on a wide range of sizes and materials and other products as well. My very favourites are the hard-paged lay-flat photo books  that present the photos without distortion and maximum possible size so that they can be viewed as in an art gallery.


What are my prices?

Get in touch to talk about YOUR love to enquire and price list will be available for download soon.